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  • Name: HDPE Fish Cages

HDPE Fish Cage

1. Raw materials for products:
All use non-toxic, tasteless high density and high strength polyethylene.

2. Product parts:
Compared with similar products, our company's parts of design is more reasonable in structure, the shape and size of parts are the basis of safety,
our products of shape and weight are bigger and stronger than other manufacturers,they have strong bearing capacity, safer and more reliable.

3. Product structure:
Platform and cage are mainly composed of floating pipe, bracket and pedal, with safety fence. The floating pipe of our company is arranged by frame integral structure and welded by electrofusion. The whole buoyancy system structure is connected with the frame support system as a whole, which has high firmness and strong resistance to wind and wave.
The sole 316 stainless steel screw is used for pedal connection. Its height is only 2 mm higher than the anti-slip thread on the pedal surface. It is much lower than the conventional screw height of 10 mm. There will be no stumbling and hanging phenomenon. It has anti-slip cross thread and is safe and reliable.

4. Product characteristics:
Major components production standardization, modularization; On-site assembly.
The platform has a strong anti-wind and wave ability. The anti-wind energy reaches 14 grades and the anti-wave reaches 5 meters. The high toughness of the material determines its strong anti-collision ability. Buoyancy pipe system adopts multi-storehouse isolation technology, which has high safety.
The anchorage adopts three-stage cushioning anchorage mode, with small swing amplitude, stable and safe platform.
The product has a life span of more than 20 years, free of maintenance and no subsequent maintenance costs.

Simpler type: Floater connected with Pedal

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