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  • Name: Geotextile
Geotextile Tube is manufactured from woven high tenacity polypropylene multifilament yarns, which are woven into a stable network such that the yarns retain their relative position. It is inert to biological degradation and resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis and acids, etc. Geotextile tube has different strength and permeability, and have high UV resistance, seawater resistance, microbial erosion resistance and other durability.

We assure high tensile strength, good permeability, high durability and optimal pore size for best rotention property of fine particles.

Application in breakwater, bank protection, dams and dikes, coastal protection, sludge dewatering, sediments, mining residuats, industrial & infrastructural sludge, etc.

Easy and fast to install and fill,
Considerable savings on costs,
Lower environmental impact,
High flow rates are treatable,
High quality of filtrate,
Customized sizes and volumes,

Tensile strength:70/105, 120/120,200/200, 250/250, 300/300, 350/350KN/M,
Diameter: 1.0m to 5.0m,
Circumference: 5m to 30m,
Length: 20m, 30m, 50m, 100m,

PET knitted geogrids


It is made of high tenacity polyester yarn manufactured by the Chinese large yarn suppliers. Yarn is knitted to be mesh on the Karl Mayer machine and coated with our special technology. We can manufacture uniaxial and biaxial polyester geogrid and customized coating is available.


Polyester knitted geogrid is high tenacity and resistant to creep, corrosion, aging. etc.


It has been widely used in engineering of roadway, railway, hydraulic, ocean and municipal works, especially for the reinforcement of soft ground, roadbed, dam and other projects.

Reinforcement of the soft ground roadbed of the roadway, railway and pavement to effectively increase the roadbed strength and prolong the service life.

Reinforcement and isolation of the dam, bank and slope and riverway in the hydraulic projects to consolidate the soft ground, reinforce protective capability and improve the bearing capacity and capability of the foundation.

Reinforcement of the embankment, slope, retaining wall, road widening, ecological green retaining wall, etc to reduce cost and improve structure stability.

composite mattress

Composite mattress is a synthetic geofabric which is composed of geomattress and ballasting materials. It is characterized by reinforcement belt which is sewn with intervals on the mattress. There are lacing strips sewn with intervals on the reinforcement belt and ballasting material will be bound on those strips. Composite mattress is simple in structure, easy to assemble and install. It will deform according to the underwater topography after being sunk. Incidental loss is avoidable. Composite mattress can be manufactured in standardization and largely reduces the overall cost of the hydraulic projects.


1.Flexible structure and shape adjustable, good protection to the embankment

2.Anti-filter function of the geofabrics prevents the soil particles under cover from scouring.

3.High strength and durable, good economic benefits


Hydraulic engineering, such as cofferdam, protection of the sea dyke, water reservoir, dam, etc.

sludge baffle curtain


Sludge baffle curtain is mainly used in the prevention and management of polluted lakes, restoration of water, aquatic ecosystem reestablishment, sludge dredging, hydraulic reclamation, river diversion, algae blockage and other scientific and hydraulic engineering. In the control process of the lakes and coasts, part of the water should be blocked to prevent hazardous substances extending, drifting, diffusing to get water restored and water quality improved.  During the dredging work of port construction, the sludge spreading will destroy the ecology and aquaculture. Water blockage will isolate the construction area from the other area to prevent pollution extending, thus effectively protect the ecology and aquaculture.


1.    High strength, good to ride the wave, stable. Water penetrates the curtain with the muddy matter blocks.  Antifouling reaches up to 30%. Construction is simple and quick.

2.    Different materials are available according to application lifecycle to reduce cost.

3.Floating body is available as single buoy composed or flexible floating integrated

4. The length of each section, height, floating body size is determined based on the actual conditions such as water depth, flow rate, wave height, wind power, etc. As manufacturer, we make production upon combining the water depth, flow rate, wave height, wind power and customer requirements.

woven for structure

High strength, low elongation filament fiber woven

It is a flat reinforcement material, woven of high performance fiber, such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber, basalt fiber and also coated with special high polymer materials to make it reinforced. Junction is uniform, texture is solid, resistance to scratch, and surface is flat. Reinforcement of the uniaxial and biaxial woven was brought to full play and normally is used for consolidation, reinforcement and restoration of architecture and bridges.


Consolidation, reinforcement and restoration of architecture and bridges

Composed with others sheets and boards

Reinforcement base material of composed material with special properties

mining support series

Coal mines LW recovery grid, PET flexible grid, integral recovery screening

Grid mining recovery screening for LW recovery, which is made of high strength, high modulus and low creep PET filament and coated, is especially for roof control during the recovery of the fully mechanized LW to substitute the manually installed wire grid, simplifying the recovery procedures and improving the recovery safety and efficiency.

Mining recovery screening will be unfolded and hung when the end mining comes to 10-25m away from the stopping line. Manual winches which are fixed to the shields and pulleys are used ad auxiliary tools to hang the grid at a time, and also unfold the grid, lift the grid and advance the grid. It is of technical innovation meaning to improve the LW recovery efficiency and safety.

Grid mining recovery screening is 1-5m wide and 50-400m long. It is prefabricated according to the LW dimension with products of different specifications. The products strength ranges from 30kn/m to 1200kn/m and specially prefabricated products are available upon customer demand.

High quality mining high strength PET flexible grid

It specializes in the research, development and application of the heavy duty fiber products. Currently, we have four categories, 15 specifications of geosynthetics and we are able to manufacture products of different category and different specifications. We offer high quality products meeting different construction requirements and consultation service for construction and special engineerings.

Construction technological service of the mining high strength PET grid

In order to coordinate construction to fulfill the products’ performance, we provides job-site technical service. We are experienced in underground coal mine construction and technical service, and can make technical plan according to different job-site conditions. We standardize our operation, and self-check the construction to guarantee the quality.

PET knitted woven

Polyester geocomposite is a new geomaterial which takes the polyester fiber as the reinforcement material and combines short fiber or long fiber nonwoven.

Polyester geocomposite is different from ordinary woven. Its most important characteristic is there is no bend at the junction point of weft and warp which is straight. Junction is combined by the stitch yarn. Weft and warp bear the load and distribute the stress synchronously.

When the composition is being done by warp knitting, stitching yarn repeatedly penetrates the warp yarn and weft yarn and combines the three items together. Then high tenacity, low elongation is reached. Polyester geocomposite is a multifunctional material and an internationally high-level base material and can be used for reinforcement and isolative protection.

High tensile strength and resistant to corrosion.

Good anti-filter and isolation function

The nonwoven which is the substrate is good in dewatering.

Resistant to puncture and good in protection

Abrasion resistant and good tensile strength to make reinforcement

knitted geotextile


PET coated composite geotextile is a new road reinforcement material which is  warp knitted of high strength, high modulus and low shrink PET yarn and super thin hot melt nonwoven and then coated with modified asphalt, and used to prevent the reflexive cracks, rain destruction, improve the road bearing capacity and reinforce the structure of the renewed roads.


High tensile strength

High temperature resistance, melting point is 255℃

Low absorbing capacity of asphalt

Stable structure, easy construction


1.     reinforcement of new roads and road widening

2.     old concrete road to be paved with asphalt

3.     repair of the asphalt road cracks and maintenance of the old asphalt roads

4.     Strengthen the heavy duty highways and municipal roads, reinforce the airport runways.

high tenacity woven


High tenacity woven series of products is woven by high strength PP yarn. High strength and good durability meets the strict requirements of long time design reinforcement engineerings. The raw materials-pp yarn is high strength and low creep.

Our high tenacity PP woven, made of yarn which is extruded by very specialized machine with professional technology, is composed of a series of woven of different specifications and functions.


1.    High tensile strength

2.    Good permeability

3.    Excellent durability

4.    Good UV resistance

5.    Low installation damage

6.    High abrasion performance


Reinforcement of soft foundation

Pile works

Soil reinforcement of steep slope

Soft ground improvement

Reinforcement of roadbed

filament woven


Composition and content of the woven PP geotextile which is made of yarn

Woven geotextile: width 200-540 cm


Bringing in the advanced looms, we manufactures various PP woven with width from 2.1m to 4.6m, including reinforced woven, woven geobags, woven composite woven, sand pillows, soft mattress and other industrial fabrics.

Woven geotextile, using the high strength and low elongation PP yarn as raw materials, being manufactured by special technology, is high strength and resistant to abrasion and puncture, and applied in coast protection, slope protection, beach protection and soft ground improvement. It is a practical material for modern foundation engineering


1.  Resistant to stretch, tear, bursting and puncture, high mechanical strength

2.  Excellent extension performance, quick stress spreading and transmission, uniformly distribute the stress.

3.  Large abrasion coefficient, less sliding during construction

4.  Good chemical resistance



Woven geotextile is good in water permeability, filter, durability, and can be widely used in railways, roads, stadia, dam, hydraulic projects, tunnels, coastal beaches, reclamation, environmental engineerings, etc.



Geobag is sewn by woven geotextile which is made of PP slit film. It is high strength and can be used in permanent engineering. It is easy to carry, can be used for cushion, isolation, dyke protection and bank consolidation to solve the problem of placement of the spoil resulting from dredging. In addition, Geobag can be used in temporary emergency roads and slope protection projects. Dominate colors are black and white. Size of geobag is based on projects demand.


High strength, durable, acid and alkali resistant, moth resistant, microorganism resistant, water permeable and easy storage.


River way, coast, harbor, road, wharf, landfill and other civil environmental engineering.

geobag / concrete bag


Our mould bag is specially sewn of PP woven which is made of high strength and high molecular PP yarn. It is alkali and acid resistance, abrasion resistance, bloating crack resistance and high strength. Customized mould bag is available.


Our mould bag can be used in coast protection, river bank protection, grassing of the road embankment, etc for consolidation, reinforcement and greening.


Multifunctional geomattress

Multifunctional geomattress is a new geomaterial characterized by reinforcement, anti-filter, protection, etc. It is composed of high performance PET geogrid and woven and takes advantages of each material.


Reinforcement: high tensile strength, good elongation rate

Anti-filter: high performance in anti-filter and permeability, and adjustable according to working condition

Protection: effectively distribute, transmit and resolve the concentrated stress


Dyke, cofferdam, breakwater

Reinforcement, anti-filter and protection of river ways

Reinforcement and protection of the mud flat

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