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PE Buoy

The Buoy is made from polyethylene material with excellent flexibility, inside
is filled with high strength polyurethane foam.
1.Good flexibility, and excellent impact resistance, particularly suitable for the installation in the
2.Light weight, easy for installation and movement,

EVA Buoy

Subsea Buoy

Polyethylene foam - EVA is a thermally laminated 100% closed-cell foam core with high energy absorption, low reaction force, long time used and will not burst.

Inner layer: Filled with Closed-cell EVA foam plastics core to absorb elastic energy, which never sink

Middle layer: Outer rubber and high strength polyamide cord fabric are adopted to better seal the inner EVA foam

Outer layer: Spraying with adjustable new polyurea elastic maerial, the polyurea coating is permanent and that protect the outer layer of fender from chemical corrosion resistance. It has more durability than rubber because it can reduce the chance of denting and scratches and will not get soften or fragile in hot or cold temperature

Ends: Equipped with galvanized flange, swivel.

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